Savings Direct

Arkansas Direct
changes its name and launches Local Savings App!

Coming November 2nd, 2020!

Creating a convenient and easy way for consumers to shop local, support local, and, best of all, save locally!

We are very excited to announce some changes to Innovative Direct Marketing Publications LLC! We are launching our newest addition, our new local savings app SavingsDirect.US!

SavingsDirect.US started about 10 years ago as a publication you may know as ArkansasDirect.Net. ArkansasDirect.Net proudly served local businesses with a combined business direct mail that focused on local savings all throughout the state of Arkansas. We are proud to be family owned and operated, and we are excited about the new things that are coming! We still have the same passion for encouraging consumers to support local businesses, creating great communities. We are now excited to announce a new brand and a unique opportunity to reach even more customers.

At SavingsDirect.US, we will continue to provide the most comprehensive free and discount offers from popular local businesses. We will just be delivering them to consumers in a new and innovative way!

It’s the same business you know and love. We’re just adding some really cool features and getting a little facelift!

Meet Savings Direct

SavingsDirect.US is a product designed to help you as a business target and reach local consumers and drive them to your business. This product functions as a stand-alone website and also has a convenient and easy app that will be free to consumers in your local area with a simple download. As a business, you will provide incentives to the consumers to redeem at your location right from their phone. Have an online presence that only uses codes? We can put these codes on our app for you as well!

What’s the one thing people always have with them? … Your right…their cell phone. No more clipping coupons and forgetting them - just open the app on your smartphone or tablet and never be without your local savings. The app can be found on the App Store or Google Play and is FREE and easy to download.

Basic Business Listing includes your company logo, business information, and your incentives as well as a place for consumers to post reviews about your business. You will also have a back-office management system to track coupon usage, as well as door stickers, table tents, promo cards, posters, and yard signs to let people know you have savings available via the app. Consumers will also be able to share your incentives to their friends and family through multiple channels.

How we get your business in front of consumers.

With the use of a proven local marketing strategy, including multiple outlets of local and online advertising, we market our product to get it in the hands of local consumers daily. Some of the outlets will include Direct Mail, Social Media Advertising, Local Advertising, Leveraging Word of Mouth, creating a buzz with all of the marketing materials that will be spread out throughout your local market. The list goes on and on! With this targeted advertising program designed to promote local business shopping, local support, and local savings, we have created a way to bring an even more significant return on your advertising dollars.

For more information, visit our website or call us at 501-286-2986!